Learn the purple belt techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

From blue belt to purple belt

After learning our fundamentals, it is time to dive deeper into the sport. In these classes you will learn high percentage techniques from all the advanced positions (top and bottom).

You need to be at least a white belt with three stripes before you can attend our intermediate classes. The positions and technique chains require a solid foundation not just to execute them, but also to give the correct reaction to your partner during drilling.

Advanced Classes

Structured 16-week curriculum
High quality technique videos
5 intermediate classes per week
45 minutes of sparring per class
Morning and lunch all-levels classes
Gym access during opening hours

How the classes are structured

There is no warmup in our intermediate classes. We start with technique right away. If you want to warm up on your own, you can do so before the official start of class.

When you learn a technique, we also cover the common reactions that opponents will give you and how to counter those reactions.

There is positional and free sparring (about 45 minutes total) at the end of each class.

Due to the importance of wrestling for nogi grappling, there is a Wrestling class on Wednesday instead of another intermediate class.

On Saturday we have an advanced class. It has the same requirements as the intermediate class, but instead of following the intermediate curriculum we study other positions in these classes.

Intermediate class times

Wednesday18:00-19:15Nogi Wrestling
Saturday11:30-12:45Advanced Gi

You can also participate in our all-levels classes in the morning and over lunch.

Go to our schedule page to see all our classes.