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Enroll in our Basic Course to train BJJ in Zürich with other people who are new to the sport.

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Learn BJJ in Zürich

Do you want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in Zurich, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere? Drop in any time. First week is free.

If you are new to the sport, check out our basic course. Start your BJJ journey together with other beginners and build a solid foundation. You can learn the basics of jiu jitsu in just five weeks with the help of our structured curriculum.

After completing the basic course, you can move on to our fundamentals classes. In these classes you will learn everything that you need to know to become a blue belt.

You can start participating in our intermediate classes if you have earned at least three stripes on your white belt.

We also have all-levels classes in the morning and during lunch that are open to all our members, regardless of skill level. Check our schedule to see all of our classes.

In addition to our regular classes we also have a video library for our members. Miss a class? No problem. You can study and review the techniques whenever you want.

Go to BJJ Lab Online and register with the same email address that you used to sign up at the BJJ Lab to get access to all our videos.

Based on 68 reviews
Alex Götte
Alex Götte
7. January, 2023.
I was in Zurich for a few days over Christmas and joined for some open mats and two classes (Gi & Nogi) -> very nice location, clean, modern changing rooms/showers and good mats. Welcoming atmosphere, kind people, smooth rolls; Pat & Sev are very knowledgeable, friendly and patient instructors. Classes focused on passing from HQ: techniques, teaching style and warmups are very progressive and follow latest BJJ trends (no shrimping along the mats, focus on specific sparring etc.)! Highly recommend!
James Gilbert
James Gilbert
5. January, 2023.
I’ve been training at the Lab for just under a year now (previously at another gym in the UK and one in Switzerland - I actually switched to the Lab after attending an open mat there). I cannot reccomend BJJ Labs highly enough! It’s the best gym I’ve ever trained in (and I have tried out quite a few). Why I rate BJJ Lab so highly: - Very knowledgeable and technical instructors - Detailed and structured curriculum (which is competition tested/effective) - Very high standard. All well deserved promotions here - Great atmosphere. Very relaxed, friendly and inclusive - Very cool industrial style space. The instructors put a lot of effort into designing - Great community, swiss + international Try a Sunday open mat or free one week trial and you won’t look back
Mladen Marinov
Mladen Marinov
3. January, 2023.
After testing a few clubs in Zurich, I can say that the lab is the best place for bjj in town. A few points stand out: - the coaches are super nice, friendly, skillful and have 0 arrogance (which is rare in martial arts) - facilities are great and spacious - people who attend are friendly - best schedule as there is always a class you can go to and also open mat on the weekend Feedback to management: 1. Keep doing what you are doing - it is awesome 2. Might be beneficial to add a bit more intensity to the warm ups - to avoid injuries 3. Wrestling is awesome 4. Dont hesitate to correct students if some of their technique needs improvement
Henry Herzog
Henry Herzog
16. December, 2022.
Attended one of Pat’s classes and it was great session on open guard sweeps and attacks. BJJ Lab in Zurich has an awesome atmosphere, incredible people and high level jiu jitsu. This is an amazing place to train and I’d recommend it any day. Thanks for having me.
Marcos Ortega
Marcos Ortega
14. December, 2022.
great, experienced instructors, and training partners interested in helping others, very well structured and clear curriculum with an impressive video library, perfect schedule even for busy people, clean mats. I am sure everybody feels welcome, regardless of his or her aim (to compete, to learn a martial art, or to experience an extraordinary mix of physical, mental and emotional challenges).
Zani Sharifi
Zani Sharifi
8. November, 2022.
Best place to train BJJ in Zurich!

Find us in Zürich Oerlikon

We are located at the Hagenholzstrasse 65 in Zürich Oerlikon. Come check us out if you want to train BJJ in Zürich – first week is free. You can find a map and more information about how to get there on our location page.

If you still have some questions about jiu jitsu or the BJJ Lab, check our frequently asked questions (FAQ).

You can also just send us your questions through our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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