Learn the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Everything you need to know to go from white belt to blue belt

After finishing our basic course you should be familiar with the most common positions and know some options from both the offensive and defensive. Now it is time to dive deeper and really explore all the fundamental positions.

In our fundamentals classes you will learn everything from our white to blue belt curriculum.

BJJ Lab Fundamentals

Structured 16-week curriculum
High quality technique videos
7 fundamentals classes per week
9 morning and lunch all-levels classes
Gym access during opening hours

How the classes are structured

Every class starts with a light guard passing/guard retention minigame for warming up. We don’t do hard warmups at the BJJ Lab. We have a gym area that you can use if you want to do additional strength and conditioning.

In our fundamentals program we focus on teaching a system and not just isolated techniques.

When you learn a technique, we also cover the common reactions that opponents will give you and how to counter those reactions. Instead of trying to force a technique on your opponent, the sport now becomes a battle of wits and timing.

There are about 30 minutes of technique and about 45 minutes of sparring (a mix of minigames, positional and free sparring) during the class.

Fundamentals class times


You can also participate in our all-levels classes in the morning and over lunch. The topic of these classes is up to the instructor, but most of the time the fundamentals are taught in these classes as well.

Go to our schedule page to see all our classes.