Basics (Nogi)

If you are new to BJJ (less than 3 months of experience), our BJJ basic course is the best place to start.

You don’t need a jiu jitsu uniform to try this class. Just bring a T-shirt and sports pants (without zippers).

In this program you learn both offensive and defensive techniques from the most common positions in jiu jitsu.

The basic course follows a 5 week curriculum with 10 classes total (the same class is taught Mo-We and then Th-Sa). You can repeat the course as many times as you want.

The techniques that we teach in these classes are easy to learn and can be applied both in the gi and without it. At the end of each class there is positional sparring where you can test what you learned against other beginners.

Fundamentals (Gi and Nogi)

Our fundamentals classes teach everything you need to know to get from white belt to blue belt.

To join these classes, you need to either have completed our basics course or have 3 months of grappling experience.

These classes start with a short warmup, followed by 2-3 techniques. There is about 30 minutes of sparring at the end of each class (both positional and free sparring).

Our fundamentals curriculum repeats every 16 weeks.

There are 3 different lessons each week. Every lesson is repeated on two days (Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday/Thursday, Friday/Saturday).

Advanced (Gi and Nogi)

In our advanced classes you learn everything you need to go from blue belt to purple belt and beyond.

You need to be at least a white belt with three stripes to be able to attend our advanced classes.

Every class has about 45 minutes of drills and techniques followed by 45 minutes of sparring (both positional and free sparring).

All our coaches follow the competition scene very close to make sure that what we teach is up to date and works at the highest level.

All Levels (Gi and Nogi)

Our morning and lunch classes are open to every experience level.

These classes are smaller than our evening classes and as a result your instructor will be able to give you more personalized attention.

Often these classes follow our fundamentals curriculum, but it is up to the discretion of the instructor to teach what he thinks will be most beneficial for the students.

Wrestling for BJJ (Nogi)

There is no requirement for this class, but we highly recommend that you are at least comfortable falling before you join.

In this class you learn wrestling takedowns for jiu jitsu. Sparring is feet to floor only and submissions are not allowed in these classes to encourage more offensive wrestling.

The wrestling class is more intense than a regular BJJ class. You can expect a good workout from this class.

Open Mat

Our sunday open mats are open to athletes from other schools. We love to have visitors.

Please note that you have to be at least 18 so that you can sign our waiver.

There is no set format for open mat, just show up with your gi or nogi gear and drill or roll with someone.

Please note that our nogi uniform requirements also apply to open mats (shorts are required for men).