Lachlan Giles Seminar 2022

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Day 1: Group Photo with Lachlan Giles

We had a great 2 day seminar over the weekend with Lachlan Giles. While he has been well known in the BJJ community due to his Youtube channel for a long time, he rose to fame in 2019 with his incredible run at ADCC. There he submitted multiple much larger opponents in the open weight division on his way to 3rd place.

He held a seminar with us back then where he showed us his leglock system and now he was back to show us what he has been working on: his nogi berimbolo and his system to finish from the match from back control.

One very interesting tidbit was the interaction between leglocks and the berimbolo. Lachlan believes that the berimbolo should beat the leg lock (if the berimbolo guy is good at defending leglocks of course). His reason is that it is a battle about the kneeline. The berimbolo opportunities happens one step before the leglock opportunities. So every time if someone tries to enter a leglock, they first have to expose themselves to a berimbolo opportunity.

From back control he showed some interesting details about how to control the position. We also went over how to fight the hands to get to various submissions without giving the defender a chance to escape.

It was a great two days and everyone learned a lot. There was something for everyone no matter how experienced they were. We even had some of our students from our basics course doing berimbolos and crab rides.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. We had people travel from as far as Ireland just to come to the seminar!

And of course a big thanks to Lachlan. Hope we will see you again soon and good luck at ADCC!

Day 2: Group Photo with Lachlan Giles